Advent Calendar 2021

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I think that the 2020 Advent Calendar was a success so I'm going to be launching a new calendar again this year.

It will be slightly different as I underestimated the amount of work it took last time but I'm getting it all planned with a mix of different teas - some black, herbal, green, oolong and rooibos.  There won't be a separate caffeine free one this time unfortunately as it isn't practical this year.

Again - no teas will contain allergens - so no nuts or dairy - there will be a few containing liquorice - so anyone suffering from high blood pressure should enjoy in moderation.

There will be about 10g of loose tea each day which should be enough for at least 2-3 cups. I thought about doing a calendar similar to others which provide a solitary tea bag but then why just have the one cup each day, eh? It means that you'll be able to save some of your favourites for later or even share the calendar with someone else.

Now there's a question - would you could you share your tea with someone else?

If you're not used to making loose tea then I'll put in a guide to explain the basics and also a box of our DIY filter tea bags. So even if you don't have a strainer or a fancy tea pot then all you'll need is your favourite mug. Oh, and a kettle of course - I am assuming some basic knowledge of how to make tea.

I'll also put in a couple of extra bits again - a few wee gifts from me, sorry, from Santa - like last year - it is for Christmas after all...

Since we'll be packing them up manually and by hand then there are limited amounts available so please pre-order to avoid disappointment. 

They're available now for preorder and I'm hoping to get them shipped out at the beginning of November in time for December.

The design is still being worked on but it will be similar to last year and be plastic free. The image shows the 2020 Advent Calendar so this year will be a wee bit different but not much. You can read all the reviews. The Red envelope is this year's though - so a sneak preview...

PLEASE NOTE If you preorder and add another product at the same time then I'll send everything out with the calendar so if you're wanting another tea sooner then please place a separate order otherwise you'll have to wait until November. This is the only way to manage the postage.

Also the signup discount code isn't valid against this due to the bespoke nature of the calendar - it comes with free UK delivery though.

Customer Reviews

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Kate C.
Best gift ever

My sister bought me this and I can honestly say it’s one of the nicest gifts I’ve ever received! The packaging and design are so lovely I didn’t want to open it but the teas were divine and the thoughtful extras and accessories were the finishing touch.

Steve E.
Really special treat - highly recommended

Bought this for one of my sons and we were bowled over by the quality of the teas and just how nicely put together it was. It really was a nice touch hiding the tea details on the inside of each day’s envelope so it was a surprise. The quantity of each day’s tea was great too as we did get generous servings out of them. The extras including the filters, spoon and Christmas card were also greatly appreciated. Overall a real quality product. Hope we’re quick enough of the mark to get one this year too.

Lush teas, good amounts

We loved the tea box, and the fact that you can easily discern the ingredients listed when you scoop it out. We loved all of the teas, and we felt we got plenty to enjoy some of the teas twice. Would absolutely order again.

Tia L.
We're already looking forward to next year to get another tea advent calendar from Shibui!

This little box of tea was just what we needed to go through the challenging end of 2020. The tea selection was amazing, the quantity more than enough for two large cups, the thoughtful extras (tea bags and measuring spoon) were a very nice touch.. what a wonderful advent calendar for a very reasonable price! I wished we could have monthly subscriptions to get boxes full of Shibui teas through the year!

Linnea L.

I've tried a lot of different loose tea advent calendars but none of them even begin to compare to the Shibui one! It exceeded all expectations, great presentation, lovely range of teas! We loved them all and wish there was a tea calendar for each month of the year! I sent one to my mother in law as well, and she was thrilled. We will definitely be ordering some more teas from the homepage. The chocolate ones were all a big favourite! And of course the Masala Chai which we've ordered before. The spoon and bags were a great extra! So much attention and care was put into it. I really hope John will make one next year as well!

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