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    The table below shows the approximate brewing/infusing times for the different tea types.
    It assumes around a 2.5 to 3g serving but it is not an exact science so experiment to find the perfect brew time to suit you. The tea bags contain this amount already – perfect for a tea pot or a large mug.
    It is best to use freshly boiled water - so if you've got some water left in your kettle from before - pour it out and start again!
    Tea Type Approx Brewing Time (mins) Water Temperature
    Black 3-4 minutes 100°C
    Green 2-3 minutes 80°C
    Oolong 3-4 minutes 100°C
    Pu-erh 3-4 minutes 100°C
    White 2-3 minutes 70-80°C
    Herbal 5+ minutes 100°C
    Rooibos 5+ minutes 100°C
    Fruit 5+ minutes 100°C


    If you don't have a fancy kettle which heats the water to different temperatures then a tip to for brewing green & white teas is to put the boiling water into the teapot or mug first and then add the tea. It will have cooled down a bit just by touching the cold teapot. That's what I do anyway...