Pu-erh Tea

Pu-erh teas generally produce dark brown infusions that have a mellow and mature flavour and fragrance quite different to other teas. Although something of a connoisseur’s drink these teas have, in recent years, become increasingly popular because of their claimed health/slimming properties. The teas have blended well with various flavours to give contemporary options.
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Golden Pu-erh
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Chocolate Orange Puerh
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I used to buy this tea for our cafe which we sadly lost due to Covid. So missed drinking this tea. The orange and ginger is my favourite with a lovely gentle flavour, smells delicious and is refreshing hot or cold. Shibui, all your teas are the best!


Lovely taste

Super fast delivery, brilliant packaging and a lovely selection!

Am trying not to drink my usual 15 cups of milky tea a day, this was a brilliant way to try other teas so that I could find an alternative that I liked - which I did! :)
Thank you

Love this so much!

love every one of them. this is such a nice gift and I'm enjoying it so much

Outstanding Tea

I recently found out about Shibui tea after being at a local tea shop. I had my favourite tea which is peppermint. I was expecting a teabag. But loose tea arrived in a tea pot. It was so flavoursome. I really enjoyed it and had to purchase some for home. I would definitely recommend this tea to anyone. The delivery and service was exemplary 😀