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Great Taste Awards

The Great Taste Awards, organised by The Guild of Fine Food, celebrates exceptional food and drink products from both small and large companies in the UK.

Each year, a panel of expert judges rigorously evaluates thousands of entries, focusing on taste, quality, and innovation. Forget about branding... it is all about the quality of the product itself! The judges will highlight aromas, tastes and quality of ingredients. 

Products that receive Great Taste Awards are deemed of the highest quality, making them a trusted mark of excellence for both producers and consumers whilst also celebrating the craftsmanship that go into creating exceptional flavours.


Our Award Winning Teas:

With a focus on flavour, we have garnered commendation from these awards... Here are some of our pyramid teas which have received our highest recognition over the years and what the judges said!


  2023 2-Star Winners:


Peppermint: "It is powerfully minty and delivers a huge burst of fresh, sweet and slightly bitter mint."

Lemongrass and Ginger: "Lemongrass and Ginger offer a really well-balanced spiciness and complexity, with a lovely sweetness."

African Winter Rooibos: "The infusion delivers the flavours with clarity and real balance – you get the caramelly, vanilla notes of rooibos, the comforting chai spices and the warm rounded sweetness of the cocoa."


  2022 2-Star Winners:


Scottish Breakfast: "Wonderfully refreshing. A bright attractive cup appearance, and it works beautifully with milk. The tea tastes really fresh, with a rich and malty character."

Lemongrass and Ginger...again! 

White Peony: "A delightful level of colour (pale gold-green), aroma (gently 'green' and floral) and flavour (lightly smoky, zestily floral) along with a pleasing, lingering sweetness. Delicate and delightful."


  2021 2-Star Winners:


Jasmine Pearls: "The delicate pale golden infusion and the gentle green tea character is enhanced by the fragrant jasmine notes."


  2020 2-Star Winners:


Tippy Assam: A strong, malty and full-bodied second flush assam from the Koilamari tea gardens in northern India.

Mulled Spice Organic: This is the blend where mulled wine meets tea. A warming combination of Christmas spices in a mug.


This is only a small selection of our award-winning teas... to find out if one of your favourite teas is also an award-winner then take a look at the product description! 

Keep an eye out for the Great Taste Awards in 2024 to see if we can keep adding to the collection!