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    It may surprise you to learn that there are many different types of tea and some that you thought were tea are not.  Take rooibos, for instance, it comes from the South African Redbush plant and is actually a tisane not a tea.  To be a tea it must come from the tea plant - or theCamellia Sinensis to be precise.  All tea - black, green, white, oolong, puerh and matcha all come from this same species.  It's where it grows and how it's prepared that differs and what creates the different types of tea that we love so, so much.


    Tea Type Caffeine?  What is it? Origin of our teas
    Black Yes

    Fully dried and oxidised tea leaves.

    A British favourite!

    India, China, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Indonesia and some more...
    Green Yes

    Dried tea leaves not left to oxidise.

    The world’s most popular!

    India, China, Japan, Kenya.
    White Yes

    Tea leaves not left to dry too long or oxidise.

    Only the best 2 leaves and a bud make it to be white tea!

    Oolong Yes

    Dried but only partially oxidised tea leaves.

    Sitting on the fence between black and green tea!

    India, China
    Pu-erh Yes

    Aged dried and oxidised tea leaves – malty and woody taste.

    Can be infused many times!

    Matcha Yes

    Powdered green tea leaves.

    All the leaves and therefore all the goodness are consumed rather than just the infusion.

    Herbal – Rooibos None

    Comes from the South African redbush plant and is not technically a tea.

    Naturally caffeine free and some great flavoured varieties are available!

    South Africa
    Herbal – Honeybush None

    Also from South Africa and gets the name due to the smell of the leaves being honey-like.

    Has a very similar taste to Rooibos, but that wee bit sweeter!

    South Africa
    Herbal – Fruit None

    Dried fruit pieces and herbs blended.

    Great for iced tea!

    Herbal – Mate Yes

    A South American tradition!

    Chopped leaves from the Yerba Mate plant provide a stimulating treat!