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It may surprise you to learn that there are many different types of tea and some that you thought were tea are not.  Take rooibos, for instance, it comes from the South African Redbush plant and is actually a tisane not a tea.  To be a tea it must come from the tea plant - or theCamellia Sinensis to be precise.  All tea - black, green, white, oolong, puerh and matcha all come from this same species.  It's where it grows and how it's prepared that differs and what creates the different types of tea that we love so, so much.


Tea Type Caffeine?  What is it? Origin of our teas
Black Yes

Fully dried and oxidised tea leaves.

A British favourite!

India, China, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Indonesia and some more...
Green Yes

Dried tea leaves not left to oxidise.

The world’s most popular!

India, China, Japan, Kenya.
White Yes

Tea leaves not left to dry too long or oxidise.

Only the best 2 leaves and a bud make it to be white tea!

Oolong Yes

Dried but only partially oxidised tea leaves.

Sitting on the fence between black and green tea!

India, China
Pu-erh Yes

Aged dried and oxidised tea leaves – malty and woody taste.

Can be infused many times!

Matcha Yes

Powdered green tea leaves.

All the leaves and therefore all the goodness are consumed rather than just the infusion.

Herbal – Rooibos None

Comes from the South African redbush plant and is not technically a tea.

Naturally caffeine free and some great flavoured varieties are available!

South Africa
Herbal – Honeybush None

Also from South Africa and gets the name due to the smell of the leaves being honey-like.

Has a very similar taste to Rooibos, but that wee bit sweeter!

South Africa
Herbal – Fruit None

Dried fruit pieces and herbs blended.

Great for iced tea!

Herbal – Mate Yes

A South American tradition!

Chopped leaves from the Yerba Mate plant provide a stimulating treat!


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2081 reviews
Delicious decaf

I bought this tea collection as a present for my wife, who avoids all caffeine. She was delighted, and reckons the Vanilla Rooibos is the best red bush tea she’s tasted.
And the Chocolate & Ginger is delicious.
All in all, The Caffeine Free Tea Pyramid Collection has been a great buy, and she’s so happy with it. Highly recommended.

Tasty tea does it for me!

I’ve tried various branded teas and been generally disappointed so decided to give Shibui a whirl. What an eye opener. These teas are brilliant, very flavourful. Green Tea, Earl Grey, even Scottish Breakfast, are all big on taste compared with many from more famous brands, and I still have plenty other flavours in the sampler box yet to savour.
Well done, John. I’ll be back for more of your fantastic teas, both caffeinated and caffeine free.


Im a student at university, and I ordered this for my girlfriend. Firstly, I ordered it to my home address, and when I emailed asking if the address could be changed John was very kind and did so quickly. My girlfriend loved every tea in the calendar, and the packaging was beautiful. Each bag came with the tea loose, and from what I can see she has got at least three or more cups from each bag. The calendar also comes with tea bags which you can use if you do'tn have your own filter, and a really lovely scoop to measure it out. They also had very clear instructions on how to brew each tea to get the best flavour.

I can't recommend this calendar enough and think you will be more than impressed. It is the end of January and she is still going and loving them all, and I will be getting it again next year.

You've Tried The Rest Now Try the Best !

What can I say - tried it, love it, will certainly get it again.

This was a absolute stonker (for non Scottish folk - treasure) of an advent calendar. You get chocolate calendars, cheese, gin and wine ones. This was my first time of trying a tea advent calendar and I would certainly get it again. Some of the other types of advent calendars can let you down a wee bit - this one certainly did not let you down. There was a mixture of black, green and fruity/herbal teas.

All presented in a fabulous box with a magnetic lid. The teas were all in seperate brown (recyclable) bags, and you didn't know what you were getting until you opened up the sticker. Also included was a beautiful tea spoon and a box of individual biodegradeable teabags.

Each bag of tea contained plenty to have a few cups that day - or even share with someone else. I shared some of the herbal bags with a friend, as I prefer the others teas more, and she is now also a purchaser for this calendar next year, woohoo!

This was a brilliant advent calendar, absolutely worth the money and a fantastic way for people to try new flavours of teas. We will convert you all from coffee yet !!

Happy New 2021 to John and the team - keep up the good work and stay safe. x


I thoroughly enjoyed this advent calendar! Each day offered a new tea to try and each one had a great quantity of tea per flavour. I thought it was good value but I did expect it to be more advent calendar shaped (maybe with tea packets slotted into boxes or something?) so that was a little disappointing. But the tea itself was great and I loved having a tea calendar for Christmas and though that offering caffeine free was such a thoughtful extra!

Each tea had a description/ name stapled to the packet which was great (and I loved the descriptions) but to open the packet you had to take the staple off and then the description/ name was no longer attached so as a suggestion for next year - as I would definitely like to see it again next year! - maybe attach the name and description differently! The extras that you put in were great, and very thoughtful.

There was a good selection of teas, personally I would’ve preferred less spiced/ Christmassy teas and a few more of your other teas - eg the chamomile and citrus was a delightful choice - I understand that Christmas means spiced teas but more of some others would’ve been perfect for me! Though I know this might be personal preference :)