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    Thank you to everyone who leaves a review.

    It's great to hear what everyone thinks of our teas and the service we provide.

    Although I don't reply to each review online I do read and appreciate every one so thank you.

    If you have a query relating to an order it's always best to get in touch with us so we can sort out any issues - you can contact us here.



    Based on 4436 reviews
    Tippy Assam
    Andrea H.
    Pure tasting teas

    My third selection of Shibui teas and it never disappoints. My favourite is the chocolate and ginger - a complete surprise as I’m not a chocolate fan, but it’s just a lovely tea to keep me going at work in the afternoons.

    Scottish Breakfast
    Belinda M.
    Fabulous tea

    The most refreshing tea for breakfast ! So full of flavour that you just have to have a second cup (or maybe 3)

    Best selection

    Was looking for a variety of white and green teas to try, and these will keep me going for a long time. Nicely packaged and very good quality.

    Earl Grey
    Jen C.
    Proper quality tea!

    Been buying Earl Grey for over 40 years but tried this in The Bike Shed in London. It tasted so different, light, fragrant & lovely I immediately ordered some to have at home. I wasn't disappointed. Even made with Lancashire water, it's lovely!

    Light and Refreshing- delicious!

    Vanilla Rose
    High quality tea and great service

    I placed my first order for loose tea recently and was very impressed when it arrived, as required, the following day. Packing was careful but not overdone and I really appreciated the handwritten note and herbal tea samples. The tea is excellent quality, with no dust. The canisters are a simple, stylish design that would suit any kitchen style, airtight and I suspect will last and look good for years. Well done all-around. Thank you!

    Excellent customer service

    We have ordered from Shibui a few times and have been very impressed every time with the customer service. The package arrived quickly and was beautifully put together.

    This order was a gift for a friend, but she has said the tea was very good. Would not hesitate to order again.

    Tea Caddy
    Liz W.
    Lovely caddy

    I'm so pleased with my Shibui caddies.I drink Ceylon Orange Pekoe mixed with Earl's a blend a friend of mine suggested ( her father was a Tea Taster) and I've loved it for over 20 years.SO I wanted a plain but classic caddy for each tea...I found it and I'm SO pleased.Thankyou so much.

    Amazing green tea

    Such a good green tea. Beautiful big bits of leaves which plump up to fill the whole bag once they have steeped. I drink green tea for its health benefits and so I was determined to find a brand which would provide me with as much of its goodness as possible. I really feel like this is the case with Shibui. So long to the green tea of other brands which looks like it’s been swept up off the floor, plus it tastes lovely too.

    Delicious tea

    Great product and perfect service

    Turmeric & Ginger
    Stephen R.
    The tea was for my sister it’s becoming her favourite brew

    A good taste and refreshing, service is also very good,

    Thailand Oolong
    Paul B.

    I’ve been buying my oolong tea from Shibui since reconnecting with my love of it in Tokyo last year. They have a really high quality product and the ordering and delivery works seamlessly. I really like the small touches like biodegradable wrapping and a couple of samples added to the parcel but mainly the tea is just fantastic.

    Tea Caddy
    Alison A.-.G.
    Great tea caddy

    Great product with fast delivery

    Tippy Assam
    William M.
    Tipsy Assam

    Superb tea which I use as a base for my own blend with Lapsang Souchong and a hint of Earl Grey.

    Sencha Decaf
    Fran D.
    Great tea

    This green tea is really good. It was the only loose decaffeinated green tea I could find



    Earl Grey
    Jacqueline R.
    Fragrant and delicious

    The best Earl Grey I’ve ever tasted.

    English Breakfast
    Jacqueline R.
    Delicious tea!

    Quick delivery and a quality product.

    Scottish Breakfast
    Jacqueline R.
    Delicious tea really appreciated by my B&B guests

    Super quality product. Thank you

    Great selection of Japanese teas. Would highly recommend

    Scottish Breakfast
    Gordon M.

    I was delighted to find a tea seller in Edinburgh and I really hoped it would be good and I was not disappointed. I have found that I tend to prefer breakfast type teas and the Scottish breakfast tea that I bought was great. I will definitely buy it again and I am looking forward to trying some of the other teas on offer.

    Full bodied, malty, delicious

    Lovely cup of tea this - full bodied, malty, robust. If what you're looking for is a good strong cuppa - this one is fantastic.

    Quality in a cup

    This is a fantastic product. There is no comparison with similarly named teas from the supermarket even the ‘premier’ brands. There is no doubt in the world of tea you get what you pay for. They have depth and full flavour. I ordered chocolate and ginger and mint. Very happy with both.

    Lovely tea

    I used this little business for the 1st time at Christmas, and I’ve come back for more! My son works for a small coffee business, which started as a very small enterprise and is just going from strength to strength. Starting a small business is difficult and I hope that Johns tea will be enjoyed and supported by many, as it is lovely to receive handwritten thankyou ‘s from the owner . The teas we have tried are lovely, but lemon and ginger the absolute go to. Thank you John and please keep brewing !

    Chamomile & Citrus
    Barbara G.
    Very unusual

    Took me a while to find this flavour at a reasonable price.
    Shibui came to my rescue.
    Love the tea and how it's helped my sleep. Thankyou Shibui!