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Shibui Teapot
Tea pot.

I am thrilled with the purchase of my little tea pot.

Earl Grey Perfection

I was served this tea in a café in Edinburgh and immediately sought it out online. Super-refreshing with notes of jasmine, I think that after thirty years of dedicated research I may have finally found Earl Grey perfection.

Tippy Assam

A delicious full bodied tea. The real deal

I love this tea!

Shibui English Breakfast tea is fantastic. It is so full bodied and delicious. My only problem is that it makes other teas taste very disappointing in comparison so I have to have coffee on days out now!

Earl Grey
Shibui the best taste for tea

My tea arrived well packaged and has an excellent taste many thanks to all your team.

Super !!!

Your tea is really delicious and your service just as good. Your green tea is so good My wife is about to be ' converted '

Good taste!

Earl Grey
The very best Earl Grey

This is one of the best Earl Grey teas that I have tasted. Love it!

Absoltely excellent and full of flavour.

By far the best mint tea i had, easily beats the lot ive had from restaurants to cafe’s.

Wake-up morning tonic

A recent trip to Brighton saw us sitting along the sea front having a cup of tea.... we both commented how refreshing lovely this cuppa was. Making a note of the tag from the pyramid tea bag we purchased some when we got back. If you like your tea try this make.....

5star service

Service was very good and packaging was lovely, presentation of tubes and caddy first class as was the Chamomile and Citrus tea.
A very satisfied customer.

Top Class Tea

Beautifully packaged tea with a lovely fragrance and a perfectly balanced flavour.
We bought Earl Grey and Berry Hibiscus both are delicious.
The caddy is larger than anticipated and stylish enough to leave on display in ones kitchen.
We have yet to try the English Breakfast Tea sample but we are pretty sure it will be just as good as the Earl Grey and Berry Hibiscus.


Best Earl Grey I've ever tasted! I first experienced it in a small cafe in Scotland where I bought my first packet as well. Having blanched slightly at the rather high price I find that I can actually use each tea bag 3 times which means they are perfectly affordable so I have ordered more! Friends have also remarked on how delicious the tea is. Congratulations.

Just as good as in that Edinburgh cafe...

Tracked this down after the in-cafe experience , tried it south of Hadrian’s Wall: it travelled well. Just purchased more. An excellent tea.

Orange Decaf
Loved it!

Really delicious tea! Ordered it twice already and will keep buying more.

Lovely Tea

I drink a lot of Green Tea and this one is one of my favourites. It is light and refreshing and the packaging is designed to keep it that way. I am happy I ordered a big bag for the office and one for home too. Will be ordering again.


A thick and luscious tea pack full of flavour

Also meant to say........

The customer service is first rate.

My absolute favourite Tippy Assam

I used to be a coffee drinker only. But a digestive problem required me to cut down on coffee big time. So the search for a delicious Tippy Assam began. I have tried quite a lot and Shibui is the VERY best one. I reallly look forward to it each morning. Delicious malty flavour and good strength.

New tea taste

Absolute fantastic

Earl Grey
Love Shibui!

Not only do I love the taste of the gorgeous Earl Grey loose leaf tea I ordered from Shibui, I love their ethos too. It's really important to me to know that the items I buy aren't having a negative impact on people or planet, and knowing that sourcing tea through trusted partners is an important part of the business is a big plus! I also love the fact that John went the extra mile to get my tea to me plastic-free - would totally recommend!

Quality Products

Delighted with the quality of your products and service. Look forward to sampling more interesting teas.

Lovely tea

First tried this tea in a pub in Great Missenden, have had Earl Grey, Breakfast and Min5 - all lovely. Great service from your company too.

Rose Congou
lovely flavour

Nice flavour, reminds me of turkish delight but not overpowering. The leaves withstand 3 uses without losing flavour.


Love all the teas I've received so far from Shibui and the peppermint has a lovely, refreshing taste. Great to support an independent family business too.

Brewing Instructions

The table below shows the approximate brewing/infusing times for the different tea types.

It assumes around a 2.5 to 3g serving but it is not an exact science so experiment to find the perfect brew time to suit you.

It is best to use freshly boiled water - so if you've got some water left in your kettle from before - pour it out and start again!

Tea Type Approx Brewing Time (mins) Water Temperature
Black 3-4 minutes 100°C
Green 3-4 minutes 80°C
Oolong 3-4 minutes 100°C
Pu-erh 3-4 minutes 100°C
White 2-3 minutes 70-80°C
Herbal 5+ minutes 100°C
Rooibos 5+ minutes 100°C
Fruit 5+ minutes 100°C
Flowering 3-4 minutes 80°C
What's brewing?