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I found this tea at a local coffee shop - and it's delicious!

Having developed a taste for this tea at a local cafe, I'm so pleased to have been able to find a way to have it at home as well. Was able to make use of a great discount code. Also impressed with the recyclable packaging as well. Ordered a few different Rooibos blends at he same time and they have all (so far!) been very high quality and very tasty. Difficult to get ineresting and varied Rooibos blends in the UK so top marks from me!

Sharon H.
Peppermint perfection

Fresh and clean with a hint of sweetness, I love this peppermint tea. Every time I open my tea caddy I’m delighted by the aroma of fresh mint - it’s perfect. The process of ordering and receiving my tea has been outstanding too.

Something different

Bought as a present for a friend who has recently taken up drinking decaff. Parcel was sent promptly to my friend who was delighted to receive it and to try something different to the usual decaffeinated tea you can buy in the shops.

Well received gift

It wasn't purchased for myself but the person it was ordered for loved it. She was pleased she got to taste all the different varieties included.
Lovely packaging and arrived quickly.

Favourite Brew

By a long way my favourite tea to start the day.

Lemon Punch
Jill A.
Lemon Punch ~Wonderful

This tea smells amazing (like lemon sherbets). The tea is really refreshing ( not sweet) and the lemon is beautifully balanced. Definitely one that will be added to my regular order. Thank you Shibui.

Super spearmint Shibui tea

I am very pleased that I decided to purchase the tea (loose leaf) as for someone who doesn’t have a good sense of taste the tea has a depth of flavour that is lacking in the brands which I normally purchase. I am savouring the tea at the weekends as it is slightly more expensive than my normal tea but the difference in taste is considerable and the Shibui is well worth it. I also purchased Peppermint and very much look forward to trying it out in the near future.

Orange & Sencha
Steph P.
Green tea

As a regular customer I come.back to you for the quality of the tea and the service you provide. I love the rose green tea. It is one of my all time favourites. When I saw the orange one I thought I would give it a try. I don't feel it has a strong orange flavour. It has mild hints of marmalade. I do enjoy it. Again it is off the same high quality of the rose one. I perhaps would have preferred it to have a slightly stronger taste of orange but I have only had 2 cups of it so I will see how it goes. I would definitely buy it again. As always fabulous customer service.

Ti Kuan Yin
Carmen C.

I am in love with this tea.
Delicious test and definitely has me coming back to order some more.
First class service and it was quick as well.
Thank you giving me the opportunity to enjoy this tea.

Thailand Oolong
Catherine F.
Great Teas

I just love the taste of the oolong teas, Thailand is mild and makes a lovely refreshing morning brew

Sencha Rose
Janet B.

I love rose tea. Rose congou is already a firm favourite, so decided to give this one a try. It’s wonderful. I’m on my second order now. Sencha on it own is great but, in my opinion, even more delicious with the scent and taste of rose petals.

Delicate and fresh

A wonderful tea with a refreshing aftertaste

Organic Mint
Julia R.
Refreshing and soothing

I find this tea incredibly refreshing with a clean aftertaste.

Excellent gift

I have bought this variety box twice now for Birthday Gifts. Recipients are delighted to be able to try such a good choice. An ideal gift.


I love this tea.


This tea is delicious and definitely has me coming back for more. The service is first-class and quick.

Tasty tea

Loved the chocolate and ginger lovely taste

Earl Grey
M A.S.
All teas are delicious

I regularly purchase tea from you since last three to four years, especially cherry pie which I drink every day and my husband loves the earl grey . Delicious teas and great service thank you


Berry Hibiscus
Hilary P.
Was once a treat but…..

This started off as a ‘stocking filler’ for my husband but now he absolutely loves this tea and what was once a treat is no longer a daily treat but a daily necessity……!


Highly satisfied. Excellent service and prompt delivery. Would recommend.

Hibiscus Flowers
Payel B.
Five star from me

Some mentioned that Hibiscus flower help lower blood pressure and so I tried... Placebo effect or not, this has actually lowered BP to a normal level. The BP was higher than the normal but about 10 units and now it is back to normal. I have shared the link of this product to many of my friends for them to try.

Very nice fragrant and soothing.

Once pour hot water in the teapot. You would smell this inducing fragrant in your room very quickly. It has very nice balanced taste too. Smoothing and refreshing. This is my favourite tea since I discovered it over a year ago.

Moroccan Mint
Wayne P.
Needs more mint

Nice tea but I think it needs the mint to be slightly stronger, I do drink it all day

Blueberry Rooibos delicious as usual very relaxing I love this tea

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