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Love the tea - great taste and reasonably priced.

Great Product, Fantastic Service

Good quality products at great prices, with friendly helpful service

A good cuppa

Reliable delivery service and a great cup of tea each time.

More great tea service

Brilliant tea, brilliant service

Earl Gray

Man, what great tea. I have a sensitive stomach and a picky palate. This is the finest earl Gray in the world.

Lemongrass & Ginger tea

Love this tea

Love the Teas!!!!!

Super fast delivery and helpful customer service. Love this company for tea and they have all you ever need tea-wise :)

Great taste and aroma

We really loved the jasmine pearls tea. Amazing taste and aroma :)
It would be great if the packaging included some brewing instructions.

Lovely drink

This is a lovely light and refreshing drink at any time of the day or evening. The vanilla flavour isn’t at all overpowering. Having recently drunk vanilla rooibos in South Africa, it is great to find a supplier of such good quality rooibos here in the U.K.


Delicious and I shall be coming back for more!

A new favourite

I have only tried the loose chocolate and ginger tea but will be buying the bags very soon to take to work.
It is so, so good. I absolutely love it!!

Tea Filters

This is the second time I have bought these filters, the reason being they are so good. They are large enough to put a few teaspoons of tea inside, if you so wish, and the string is the perfect length to tie around mug handle. They arrived promptly in the post and packaged well with the added bous of including complimentary bag of tea. I would definitely recommend.


Lovely tea

Love this

The strawberry flavour is quite subtle but a bit of sweetness brings it out. With milk, it's almost like a warming strawberry milkshake. Really tasty.

Best Tea around!

I’m a Scots girl and have family in Loanhead and didn’t discover this gorgeous tea until I visited Cardiff! I have the loose tea and the bags, and both are full of flavour, look and smell utterly delicious! I am addicted!


Really good. Can't tell it's decaf, which is the highest praise I can bestow on a decaf tea. I wish it came in bigger bags!

White Hibiscus and Silver Needle

Hey there Johnny!

The timing of your email couldn't haven't been better! :) I am sipping away at a cup of silver needle as I type .... Delicious!!!!

The delivery was prompt and everything was well packaged and presented. The White Hibiscus was perfect (it was for my girlfriend and she calls it the best tea in the world). And the silver needle is my favourite! It met all my expectations of a prized tea .

So everything was great but I would add one point of improvement. There were no brewing instructions on the bags. I know its super simple to just check on google etc. but it would be a nice touch just to have the recommended temp. at brew time printed on the label. It's a tiny detail and didn't diminish the quality of the experience at all.

I will definitely be ordering again when we have finished these. Thank you very much for your follow up email and happy brewing!

much love


Shibui Tea Filters

Excellent tea

Shibui's Earl Grey is the best I've ever tasted from a bag, and this is what keeps me coming back to you.
The Masala Chai lands somewhere between India and Morocco: the rose notes are unusual but pleasant, while it doesn't have the depth and warmth of an authentic Indian chai.
Chocolate and Ginger tea is beautiful: well done. I might develop a habit for it.
The Hibiscus and Berry, while pleasant enough, is the least distinguishable from other brands I've tasted.

Coconut & Almond Tea

I absolutely love all of the Shibui teas but the Coconut & Almond is a real treat. I highly recommend this company. Excellent quality and service always.


I came across this tea when I bought a cuppa in a cafe up in Edinburgh whilst visiting family. I’m no expert, but the taste was outstanding. I purchased some online the same day! It arrived in a beautiful container, and the tea does not disappoint. It’s a pleasure to sit down with such a lovely brew.

Great tea... great seller

I was introduced to Shibui when I had it at local cafe. Love the Moroccan Mint. My son loves the Choc and Ginger. I recently tried the lemon punch loose leaf... out of this world! Now I know what my next purchase will be. Great quality and great service... ordered and delivered without any fuss. Thanks Shibui


So easy to fill. Big too

Blueberry Rooibos

Love the smell and taste.

Earl Grey

Best Earl Grey tea I have tasted. So much flavour. Can't wait to try other of your teas.

Chocolate & Ginger Tea

The flavour of this tea is brilliant! It also smells divine. I'm not so keen on fruity teas, so this flavour is really great for me. Thank you!

Earl Grey

Great service -arrived quickly -nicely packaged -great tea ! Customer service excellent

Mulled Wine
Perfect Mulled Tea!

The dry aroma is fruity. Steeped it replicates mulled wine with earthy, musky, mild fruit and spiced notes. The only improvement would be if the spices were a little stronger. Despite this, the tea is easy to fall in love with, leaving you with a moreish want for its warmth. Incredibly, it’s also tasty iced, being much the same but with stronger cinnamon notes.

Full of flavour

Exceeded my expectations, a beautiful blend of chocolate and ginger. 2 of my favourite flavours.

Best English breakfast tea

I have tried a lot of English breakfast tea and shibui is, without a doubt, the best!

Perfect little tea pockets!

Easy to fill and secure when closed. Drawstring long enough to wrap around cup handles. Best tea ‘pockets’ I’ve found so far.

Berry Hibiscus

Tastes amazing, add honey or sugar for a less sharp taste

Festive Fruits
Unusual and intriguing!

The dry aroma is fruity, yet sharp, with a mingled whiff of aniseed. Once steeped, this aroma turns to sweet cinnamon notes. The ingredients crate an unusual deep yellow liquid, whilst the flavour is an elixir of prominent cinnamon and aniseed. There's also a subtle hay note! This isn’t the prettiest blend and the combination of ingredients is more than weird, but the notes are warming and tasty, capturing the essence of Christmas well enough. A bit of an oddball, nothing extravagant, but nothing to be overlooked either.

Very more-ish

The chai is spicy yet delicate and the rose petals make it very aromatic. I'm always disappointed when I realise that I've already finished my cup.

Bright & beautiful

Patience is a virtue with this, you can’t rush the brew. But it’s worth it. Remember that Ceylon has strength without as much colour as other teas too. It’s lovely - bright, golden and delicious. I don’t know whether it’s psychological due to the name but I feel like there’s a hint of citrus in the taste.

Chocolate & Ginger

Loved it!

Best tea!

Love, love, love the chocolate and ginger tea. Nice packaging and attention to details with the little note! Thanks.

Best made not too strong

I am an oolong virgin, so if you're not then maybe you disagree :)
I originally tried it as a bag (a sample from Shibui). It didn't seem to colour terribly quickly so I left it in, like you might do with a herbal. It was bloody lovely - really refreshing and light. So I ordered some loose. I have a Shibui teapot so I used that. But I think I made it too strong. Or I just wasn't used to oolong and the taste was a bit challenging for me! Since then I've made it much weaker (a heaped teaspoon) and I love it like that.

An amazing combination

I’m addicted. Brilliant for warming up on bleak days.


Love this tea, it's light and refreshing.

Reminds me of home

Honeybush tea is the lesser known of the South African teas, and seeing as I don't like redbush if I want to be reminded of home in tea form it is great to have it in the flat. The tea is good quality and brews fine in a few minutes.

Supremely flavoursome & bracing

Nothing like a good strong cuppa to get you going in the morning. Gorgeous.


Best tea! Such a pick me up on a cold afternoon, really addictive!

Teapot for fab tea

It has taken me a long time to find a decaf tea that tastes good. It has been a god send and I bought a funky teapot to make it in. It is a good size for a cup of lovely leaf tea and I even bought the teabags for work! Also, thanks so much for the free sample that came a few days after my delivery!

Great start to the day!

The Tippy Assam reminds me of tea at breakfast as a child. My mother was born in Darjeeling and always had good leaf tea to drink, a different one at breakfast and "tea time". It's a pleasantly sturdy and malty flavour without being too strong.

Earl Grey tea bags

Very happy with my purchase. The Shibui Earl Grey is one of the best tasting tea bags I've ever tried. Will buy from here again and again.

Masala chai

Great tea and I should know being Indian. Post and packaging too expensive though

Chocolate and Ginger Tea

This tea is amazing. Chocolate, Ginger and a hint of licorice make a perfect combination. This company sells the highest quality Teas. I'm so glad I found Shibui :-)

Best tea ever

The best black tea and Rose I have tasted.

Blueberry Rooibos
Better Cold Brewed

Had the chance to try this as part of a subscription box. Didn't really enjoy this brewed hot, but when cold brewed it was very tasty. The sweet caramel hints combined with the fruitiness in a smoother way, whilst the rose became more apparent.

Chelsea |

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