Black Tea

Black teas are those that most of us are familiar with. Called black because of the colour of the oxidized dry leaves, they offer good flavour including robust Assams and floral Darjeelings. Many are flavoured ranging from the popular Earl Grey to more contemporary blends. The Chinese know these teas as ‘red’ because of the colour of the infusion.

Note that we are trying our best to eliminate the plastic used in our packaging and are pleased to say that our 100g tubes now are plastic free. The loose tea comes in a recyclable card tube which doubles as a caddy for storing your tea since it's food grade lined. The tea arrives in the tube sealed in a clear bag made from Natureflex. This is a material that can be composted - it's clever stuff.

NEW We have now sourced some plastic free & compostable bags for our larger sizes of 250g and 500g. Where they are plastic free it will say so in the description. Please note that while we move stock over some of our 250g/500g bags still have a plastic lining like most bags of this nature and are currently not recyclable. Natureflex is not strong enough to cope with this volume which is why we've sourced the other type so please bear with us in the transition. We're getting there...

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