Matcha - Premium Organic Matcha

Brewing Tips


It's great to have some matcha back available in these smaller sizes again.

It's vivid and bright green in colour and is of a great quality - lovely stuff.

Winner of 2016 Great Taste Award.

Matcha can be a wee bit fiddly to prepare but a guide below should help. Any questions just please ping us an email.

      1. Boil fresh water - it's always best to use fresh water in the kettle rather than reboil the water from a previous boil.
      2. Let the water cool to around 80°C.  This can take around 10 minutes. A tip is to decant between cups - each decant removes about 5°C so 4 or 5 swaps will get it down to a good temperature.
      3. Put ½ teaspoon into a matcha bowl or mug.
      4. Whisk until a fine froth appears.  Be careful if using an electric whisk that it does not spray.  It should take around 10-15 seconds of whisking and you have your matcha. 
      5. Taste, drink and enjoy!

To make a latte - simply follow the above but with maybe a bit less water - then top up with warmed milk.

Ingredients:  Organic Japanese Green Tea.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Sarolta B.
Great taste

This tea has a lovely smell and taste. Also, it is very easy to prepare - I use 2/3 tsp of powder, water boiled to 80C and milk frother. Usually I would drink it around noon to take me through the afternoon. It helped me to reduce my daily coffee intake! Really happy with this purchase. Thank you! :)

Scott P.
Great Matcha Tea.

First time trying this tea, it is a great tasting tea I have been drinking most days, magic

Julia R.
Smooth and aromatic

I have now been drinking matcha for the last six months. I have tried matcha from a variety of companies who all claimed theirs to be ceremonial grade. However, having tried Shibui Organic Premium grade matcha, I must say I enjoyed it more than some of the others. It is quite mild and aromatic with some sweet earthy undertones and it froths really well. It has a very pleasant and subtle aftertaste and is overall a very good quality matcha. I will definitely be buying some more when my supply runs out.

Gavin T.
Excellent matcha

This is an easy recommendation. Rich, smooth, a little sweet, and with the full umami you'd expect.

Lucy M.
Great green goodness

This met all my expectations. Delicious and clean tasting. I use it in everything, from smoothies to baking.

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