Brewing Tips

This Japanese bancha is roasted which gives it a special flavour. Although considered a green tea then leaves are brown and produces a light brown infusion.

Ingredients: Japanese green tea.

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The authentic low caffeine taste of Japan

Delicious, mellow,subtle, low in caffeine - the authentic taste of Japanese tea!

Aniq A.
Sweet Sweet Roasted Umami

I have been looking for a decently priced hojicha. This was it. The tea has a nice roasted umami flavour that ends with a sweet after taste, especially in the later infusions. This is perfect for cold winter nights, especially because it only has a fraction of the caffeine that most teas have.

On a side note, the seller ran out of the wonderful plastic free tubes so they sent me a resealable, compostable 250g packet instead of the two 75g tubes I ordered. They even sent some sample teas and a small personal note to appologise. Quick delivery, good price, awesome customer service and amazing tea! There is nothing to complain about.

Chrysevgeia I.
Nice but had better

I didn't particularly enjoyed the specific Hojicha but I did like it diluted on ice as a refreshing drink

Flavourful and long-lasting

I was introduce to hōjicha by my host mother in Japan several years ago, and I was finally running out of the hōjicha she gave me as a parting gift, so I was very glad to be able to source some of equal quality here in the UK. It makes a delicious strong cup, and what I really love about it is how many times it can be re-brewed, with a subtly different flavour each time. By the end it is very mellow and almost sweet, but still with its characteristic roasted fragrance. This is one of my favourite teas to have with a meal.

Love it!

I couldn't find a decent Hojicha until I tried this one. A very nice and fragrant malty flavour without being too overpowering, I really like it!

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