Earl Grey Superior

Brewing Instructions

At Shibui Tea you're not short of Earl Grey choices. Each one is decidedly aromatic with the customary bergamot scent. However, we feel this one is extra special and a true favourite of ours. This tea is a perfect blend of a distinguished slightly spicy Ceylon and choice Yunnan. Every Earl Grey fan will be convinced by this delicious version.

Ingredients: Blend of Ceylon and Chinese Yunnan black tea, natural bergamot oil.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
The best earl grey tea I've tasted

Lovely flavour, quality leaves, quick delivery

Damn! That’s some gooood tea!

Thank you for my 3 teas I ordered from you guys.
My favourite is the superior Earl Grey it is divine.
Consider me a fan & a happy new customer

Earl Grey and Earl Grey Premium

After experiencing the intense aroma of the tea bags at a 5 star hotel I contacted them to find out the supplier I was pleased to hear the company was native! I experienced fast delivery and everything arrived in perfect condition. The moment I smelled the products I was taken back to the hotel and a relaxing break. The health benefits of bergamot oil are varied but help me immensely and I 100 percent recommend Shibui for these products.
Well done!

Earl grey and lapsing souchong

I opened these two after they promptly arrived. I had looked at other places, the big sellers, but saw that shibui were around Edinburgh so ordered from there. The first thing that hit me was the amazing aroma. I was caught up in a beautiful citrusy pinewood glade, sun dappled branches, the lot. Stood in my kitchen I was. Anyhow, took me back to when my Gran used to make this blend for breakfast. Laverly. Thank you so much. Perfect tea, loads of it, ideal freshness maintaining packaging, for a really reasonable price. Boom. Get ya brew on.


Really fresh taste!

Brewing Instructions

The table below shows the approximate brewing/infusing times for the different tea types.

It assumes around a 2.5 to 3g serving but it is not an exact science so experiment to find the perfect brew time to suit you.

It is best to use freshly boiled water - so if you've got some water left in your kettle from before - pour it out and start again!

Tea Type Approx Brewing Time (mins) Water Temperature
Black 3-4 minutes 100°C
Green 3-4 minutes 80°C
Oolong 3-4 minutes 100°C
Pu-erh 3-4 minutes 100°C
White 2-3 minutes 70-80°C
Herbal 5+ minutes 100°C
Rooibos 5+ minutes 100°C
Fruit 5+ minutes 100°C
Flowering 3-4 minutes 80°C
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