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    South African rooibos with a spicy kick of chilli!

    Ingredients: Rooibos tea, rosebuds, flavouring, safflower, chilli, rose petals, carrot flakes.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Alison P.
    If you want that little kick!

    Once again another Rooibos but with a nice little chilli kick.

    Jane C.
    My favourite tea

    I have been thrown into a panic to see that Chilli rooibos was sold as end of line tea! Are you to be stopping this one? It is my absolute favourite tea, which I have been using for years and was so happy when I discovered that you also sold it! It has all the flavours you would expect in a chilli rooibos but yours has an added depth to it. The rose comes through beautifully and the chilli kick right in there to flavour the whole tea which all melds together beautifully. Please don’t stop!

    Denise F.
    Really lovely

    Was not expecting to like this tea at all, but it is delicious! Was in the tea advent calendar. A great find.

    What a Surprise

    I recently tried this as part of the 2022 Advent Calendar. What a lovely surprise, and an unusual mix of flavours. I think this might be my new favourite! It will definitely be in my next order.

    Roo H.
    Little stunner - we love it

    We've had some great flavoured rooibos teas from Shibui before, but this one raised the bar. Warming chilli and fragrant rose petals - not a combination I knew I needed, but I couldn't be without it now. The rose lightens the tone, taking this out of the realm of earthy-spicy and into new, fragrant territory. (It also makes the room smell amazing.)

    Not my favourite

    This is a very floral, sweet tasting rooibos that gradually develops a peppery kick. The chili gets stronger over time, eventually overtaking all other flavours if left to steep. As a daily driver, this tea is a mixed bag. When you get a good cup (and the chili and rose flavours mix evenly) this is a marvellous blend. Unfortunately, I have now had too many cups where the ingredients are mixed unevenly, and the rose is so strong (to the point of being nauseating) that it overtakes all other flavours.

    Karl F.
    A tea to tickle your senses

    My wife bought me this tea for Christmas last year and I was hooked from the start. When you open this tea the first thing you notice is the smell, it smells fantastic! (think sweet shop) Of course it also tastes just as good with a lovely warming chill hit.
    This tea is a little unusual but if you don't try it you're missing out.

    Rob P.

    Wow. This is an utterly fantastic tea. I implore you not to shy away from this spicy blend with a delightfully complex flavour. The chilli kick is really subtle and leaves you feeling tremendously warm and cosy. There's so much to explore in this tea, I find it a different experience with every mug.

    Chilli + rooibos = yum

    Strange as it sounds I love chilli in teas and its perfect for the cold weather. This blend is warming and delicious