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A comforting cup of chamomile is commonly drunk before bedtime to aid a good nights sleep. However we think it's great at any point of the day.

Ingredients: Chamomile flowers.

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The good stuff

Pretty much what you'd expect from your camomile.. Nice big bits and finer stuff all in there. Seems to be great price too.
For anybody who has not had camomile before, it is has a fsirly subtle flavour and smells of farmers hay. It is delicate and a nice drink coming up to bedtime to help you sleep.

Andy C.
Best decaf earl grey

After my husband was diagnosed with hypertension, we spent ages sampling different decaf teas. This is by far the nicest we found. It's not overly perfumed like some earl greys and has soft tannins.

Alison S.
Fantastic tea

Loved my tea. Wanted something to drink in the evening and thought I would try this.

Service was great as always

Michael H.
My GoTo Bedtime cuppa

The taste is natural and I now make this the last drink of the day to prepare me for bed

Lovely Chamomile tea

It reminds me of when I lived in Austria and we used to pick chamomile directly from the fields, we dried it and kept it in jars and drank it during the winter months.

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Lovely tea!

This is a very smooth tea. Very nice on its own or with a little bit of honey. I add milk hen I brew it quite strong and you can still taste and smell the cinnamon. Will definitely order again!

Ginger and chocolate tea

This is a delicious tea with a pure authentic taste. I love ginger tea, but this has a extra smoothness to it, with a lovely aroma.

Lovely tea

I got given the gingerbread tea for Christmas and as soon as it ran out I couldn't help but buy some more, and try some of the other teas. The orange rooibos is mad good and the gingerbread is lovely as always. I'm already running out again!

Jasmine Pearls
Heidi W.
Jasmine Pearl

I absolutely love this tea and to find actual pearls in the tea bags and not just a plain old teabag is amazing. Took me ages to find this company as I tasted this brand at a cafe and I am so glad I have found you.

Moroccan Mint
Gary S.
Quite cleansing and refreshing.

First time we’ve tried this Moroccan Mint tea and must admit that it’s a step up in quality to our normal mint tea. Very fresh and cleansing on the palate. Difficult to over brew but just seems to intensify in flavour the longer you leave it.