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Chocolate & Ginger

Brewing Tips
  • One of our signature blends and one of our personal favourites here at Shibui. When we first started our budget was small and we wanted both a ginger blend and a chocolate one... Chocolate & Ginger was born and we are so pleased we came up with it too.
    Don't take our word for it though - we're very proud that it's won a Great Taste Award each year since 2016.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Morag M.
Best tea ever!

Best tea ever! The chocolate and ginger tea is amazing and so not what I was expecting. I’m addicted! 😋

Yvonne B.
Chocolate & Orange Pyramid tea bags

If you are a lover of chocolate and ginger these tea bags ( herbal infusion) are a must. I was introduced to them by a friend and will keep on buying them. There are lots of other flavours to try but I really love these ones. Thank you Shibui !

Lesley C.
Absolutely delicious tea, gamechanger!

I received a sample teabag in a welcome box from an estate agent when I bought my new flat and it lay there for several months as I don’t normally drink any other tea than the usual. I decided to give it a try and I couldn’t believe how absolutely delicious this tea is, two of my favourite flavours combined-chocolate and ginger. My order went in straight away and I am now addicted to my daily cup, I will be trying other flavours in the future :)

Smooth Hit

I received a sample of this tea alongside my order & on a cold day i fancied something warming … this definitely hit the spot - i had reservations but can honestly say this is lovely - it has a smooth chocolate taste with that warm spicy ginger ‘hit’ - half way through i added a touch of honey out of curiosity and it tasted like i was sipping melted chocolate ginger … sweet spicy and smooth - definitely will add to my next order.

Jo M.
I'm not usually a herbal tea fan, but love this!

I have always been prepared to die on the 'if it's not black tea, it's not real tea' hill, until I was looking for something to satisfy my sweet cravings in the evening and am trying to cut out/down processed sugars, which meant chocolate (the unwrappable & chewable kind) was out.

This tea smells like gingernut biscuits have been steeped in hot chocolate and tastes just as good, with that warming kick of ginger in the back of throat to boot. It's tremendous. I've already ordered more so my (gorgeous) caddy doesn't run dry before they get here.

Whether I'm converted to herbal teas, well, that's yet to be duplicated, but I'm a big fan of this one!

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