White Peony

Brewing Tips
  • This is a pure white tea.
    It's a light, refreshing and slightly sweet tea and is produced from the hand picked bud and first two leaves of the tea plant.
    The Chinese name is Pai Mu Tan
    Great Taste Award Winner 2016.

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5-Star Tea!
Not pure white tea
Thank you for the review and for your order. I'm sorry that you didn't enjoy the tea. Shame as it's actually one of my favourites which is why I got it into the pyramid bags! I wanted to address some of your points though and I'm assuming that you are not using boiling water to make the tea as this tends to make it bitter. I use cooled boiling water and put the water into a mug first before adding the tea bag which takes some of the heat out of the water and avoids scorching the tea. It is pure white tea though - it's known as White Peony or Pai Mu Tan. It's a bulky tea too - by that I mean per gram it takes up more space so I can only fit in a smaller amount in each bag compared to other teas. This means that it is actually an expensive tea when you compare the actual weight of tea. I've actually made it more competitively priced too. It doesn't look typically like white peony and not quite the same as it does in loose form - that's true - but there's a very good reason for this. As I said, it's a bulky tea and as such it wouldn't fit into our tea bag packing machine without clogging it! So I had to compromise and chop it a bit to make it fit - not ideal but the only way I could get it into a tea bag. Hope that helps with your concerns and I'm sorry again to read that you didn't enjoy it. John.
second order
delicate favourite
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