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We've had this available in our pyramid bags for a while now so thought it was time we had it available loose too! Chopped spearmint leaves - simple.

Ingredients: Spearmint leaves.

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Maisha M.
Absolutely brilliant!

I was looking for organic spearmint tea and came across this company. Thank you for the speedy service and the fantastic product! The tea smells and tastes great. The personalized card and extra tasters were wonderful.

Will definitely buy again!

Great tea

Drink spearmint tea of my PCOS as meant to help with symptoms. Added bonus is that this is organic and delicious and very reasonable. Though they did sucker me in with the free testers of the Chocolate and gingerbread and have had to buy some of that too. Will definitely be buying from here from now on as so hard to find spearmint tea - so nice to buy off a good company.

Matt J.

Call off the dogs, the hunt is over!

Having searched t'interweb, as well as a host of independent shops and supermarkets for mint tea with flavour, I was sitting in one of my favourite Liverpool breakfast spots, when a very friendly, scouse waiter, delivered to me a splendid pot of Shibui organic, mint tea. Zinging with flavour, it convinced me that my tea-drinking future lie not in Pukka or any of the other, rather tasteless brands, but in the chi offered by this charming, small business.

I now gain great delight every time I prepare a pot of this spearmint tea, knowing that my tastebuds will be sufficiently tickled. I also like the fact that it's loose leaf, so cuts down on waste, and is organic, so my insides won't be destroyed by herbicides and pesticides.

If you're looking for a mint tea with flavour, give Shibui a try. Your mouth will thank you for it.

Ilaria G.
Lovely tea

Lovely tea. Very delicate and full of flavour at the same time.

Darren W.
Perfect Tea

This tea tastes amazing, I have had other spearmint teas in the past that were nice but now I have had this I would not go back. Loved the tasters of other teas in the box, will definitely be buying more!

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