Decaf Collection - Loose Leaf Collection

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A showcase of 6 of our decaffeinated loose leaf blends - in both black and green tea.

The collection contains between 25g and 50g of loose tea of each of the following in 6 mini tubes in a presentation box:

  • English Breakfast Decaf - black tea
  • Earl Grey Decaf - black tea
  • Darjeeling Decaf - black tea
  • Assam Decaf - black tea
  • Sencha Decaf - green tea
  • Lemon Green Decaf - green tea

All teas are decaffeinated using the natural CO2 process.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Excellent Gift for Pregnant Ladies who like their tea!

    I gifted this to myself as love good quality tea but didn’t want all the caffeine during pregnancy. These were perfect during winter and I liked trying different teas every couple of days (as get bored with the same one). Overall great gift or just a good selection for yourself so you can sample different ones and buy your favourite in a bigger size next time.

    Julie H.
    Decaf selection loose leaf

    We chose this particular brand because of its ethics, I own a metaphysical shop, The Witch on the Green,and wanted a good selection of tea for customers when offering Tasseomancy, the art of divination using tea leaves.The teas are lovely, the service was impeccable as was the packaging. I've kept the Sencha Decaf for myself, delicious!. The addition of some free samples was a really nice touch, the Chocolate and Ginger tea was gorgeous.

    Joy T.
    Amazing and very well loved

    I can’t take caffeine very well but love black & green tea. This mix of both in decaf is FANTASTIC. You don’t even need much to brew for the whole day, just one table spoon in the cafetière and you can yield 5/6 cups?! Would highly recommend!!!!

    Jeremy D.
    Variety box

    These teas were well presented. I was pleasantly surprised by how much tea was in each tub. I was pleased to be able to get a selection of decaf teas as this is rarely available.

    Tsvetan B.
    Perfect gift

    This is an amazing gift idea - the packaging is nice and can be wrapped easily. The teas are all amazing and very good!

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