Moroccan Mint

Brewing Tips

Chinese gunpowder green tea blended with a melange of mints gives a lively all-day infusion. Add sugar for an authentic Moroccan experience.

Ingredients: Green tea, spearmint, peppermint.

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Customer Reviews

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Lovely tea. I use the teabags at work, and they're great, too.

A pleasant mint flavour

I really like this tea although I think I prefer the peppermint tea leaves for the overall mint flavour.

Morrocan Mint

Love, love, love it ! Great flavour with an aftertaste zing of mint. Love seeing the big leaves in the Fujian teapot. A relaxing ri


On pouring the water onto the tea bag, it was clear to see that the bag was very good, I could see the tea seeping out of the bag, leaving a green hue in the water. The smell of this tea was the same as the others from Shibui, strong and wonderful.

After brewing for a few minutes I removed the bag and it was just as sturdy as when I put it in. After a while and the tea had cooled I tasted the tea, it was very minty. I am seriously impressed with Shibui tea and would recommend it to anyone. I think that the tea is very good quality, every tea I have tried so far is exactly what I would have wanted in a tea and the brand is one you can trust. I also love that this is a small business one that I would be happy to support.

This tea, being loose can be bought in a range of different weights and they offer value for money when doing so. All of their loose tea can be bought in taster sizes (20g) which give you the opportunity to choose a few to try to decide which one you like best before purchasing a larger weight.

If you would like to purchase these or see what other teas are available please visit their website: Shibui Tea

I would like to thank Shibui Tea for sending the samples in exchange for an honest review. Please check back for more reviews of their teas.

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