Earl Grey Decaf

Brewing Tips
  • A decaffeinated alternative to our Earl Grey tea.
    It's a blend of Ceylon black tea which is flavoured with citrussy bergamot. Ceylon teas are typically a bit lighter to drink than the usual Assam based Earl Grey teas that you'd normally have in caffeine based teas. Ceylon is used as it handles the decaffeination process well.
    It's decaffeinated using the CO2 process which is considered the natural process of decaffeination and no chemicals are added.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Jane L.
De-caf Earl Grey Tea- perfect

This must be the best de-caf Earl Grey tea I have ever tasted, intact I think I even prefer it to the non de-caf. It really is excellent, a must buy.

Mrs S.B.
Best Earl Grey Decaf

So nice to find an Earl Grey decaf tea that actually has some flavour. Very popular in my household of tea drinkers.

I a.a.r.T.B.
Earl grey decaf

Tried this decaffeinated tea with hesitation but need not have been concerned- it’s absolutely wonderful all of the earl grey flavour and no caffeine. Amazing company to do business with.

Lorna P.
Decaf Earl Grey

The wonderful thing about the natural decaffeinated Earl Grey is that I can drink as much as I want to in the day. Delightful and subtle blend of bergamot to give a taste hit. Thank you Tea-Team

sheila c.
Decaf Earl Grey

I’d read the reviews & so thought I’d try it & yes, agree, this is a delicious decaf Earl Grey

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