The Rooibos Pyramid Collection

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A showcase of our rooibos tea pyramids - all of them in plastic free packaging.

The collection contains 7 pyramids of each of the following rooibos blends in mini tubes in a presentation box - with the exception of the Organic Rooibos which is a full tube of 15 pyramid bags:

  • African Winter Rooibos  - 1 Star Award 2020
  • Vanilla Rooibos - NEW to the pyramid bags
  • Rooibos & Orange Organic
  • Blueberry Rooibos - 1 Star Award 2019
  • Organic Rooibos - full tube of 15 pyramid bags - 1 Star Award 2020


Customer Reviews

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Lovely Teas

I purchased this set for myself to try out new rooibos teas. Orange organic is by far my favourite tea I have tried to far. All teas within this pack are different to each other and offer a great experience for anyone wanting to trial our new rooibos tea or are new to tea altogether. The original rooibos tea is by far the best I have tried. The blueberry is new for me and it is growing on me. The smell of it is AMAZING. The African tea has a nice spice to it and is one I would purchase again. The vanilla flavour isn’t my favourite, but that is not personal to this brand, it is my personal preference with vanilla flavourings. The tea in general is great and worth purchasing if anyone is wanting to try out rooibos tea. The original can be taken with or without milk so this pack is a good taster of all non caffeinated teas.


I purchased this as a gift... and it was well received so much so a cup was brewed immediately and of course I had to ‘sample’ ... of the ones i was allowed to taste the African Winter just oozed ‘christmas’ - the organic rooibos was just perfect and the vanilla just added a little sweetness and was a preferred taste for ‘after dinner’... all delivered a refreshingly fresh brew and from ordering to receiving the whole process was a seamless transaction. The packaging was made more special by the personal touch of a signed ‘thank you’ ... i would not hesitate to order again (next time for ME) and would highly recommend

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Another pick me up tea

Just the right balance of Tumeric and ginger to give you a distinctive hit of both. Highly recommended

A really refreshing Tea

A lovely fresh and lively taste that picks me just right when the day is dragging on a bit

My GoTo Bedtime cuppa

The taste is natural and I now make this the last drink of the day to prepare me for bed

Yet another delicious flavour.
I ordered it hoping that it’ll taste like the one sold in Pret. Not entirely sure but think it might be the exact same one but in any case, it’s great. It’s also not temperamental and doesn’t become bitter if you accidentally brew it for a bit longer, something I found with many other green teas.
The service was also quick and faultless. I’d recommend the company to anyone.

Such a delicious combination of flavours. The hint of vanilla is delicate but also very noticeable. I think the balance is just spot on.
Couldn’t fault the company either - the order arrived promptly. I’m very pleased with the service and will be ordering again.