Happy Valley Oolong

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An example of an Indian Oolong tea from Darjeeling. From the same garden as the Happy Valley Darjeeling.

Ingredients: oolong tea.

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John J.S.
Newbie to 🍵

Firstly must say how good customer service is from Shibui. Little parcels of Tea Happiness.
We ordered sample box of 6 different types of Oolong.From this we choose this Oolong Happy Valley as it suited our taste. We enjoyed fresh soft taste for Breakfast.
We also enjoyed Ti Kuan Yin as it gives you a reviving drink Mid afternoon.
So we decided to build our own blend
TI Kuan Yin Oolong 250grs
Happy Valley Oolong 100grs
And it works for us.
We also acquired 2 sets of Japanese (not from Shibui sadly)
Zero Tea Pots with internal tea strainers.
2 x 1 cup
2 x 4 cup
Which has improved the overall tea drinking experience experience.
We can get 2 brews from each pot when brewed from our blend which does reduce the cost somewhat, without affecting flavour to much.
Do not want to overdoes on too much tea.

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