Shibui Tea Filters

Brewing Tips

The perfect way to enjoy your favourite Shibui loose leaf tea!

These paper tea filters provide a simple way to brew loose tea.

Simply scoop the required amount of tea into the tea filter, pull the string tight, place in your teapot or mug, pour on freshly boiled water and infuse.  At the end of the infusion time, remove the tea filter, recycle and enjoy!

Use for individual servings or 1-3 cup teapots.

Each pack contains 100 unbleached, chlorine-free and biodegradable tea filters.

Dimensions of the filters are:  10cm x 8.5cm.

Customer Reviews

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Gary S.
Great bags.

Have been using these for about 4 months now and really, really rate them. No failures with closing them and the water circulates well through the bag for a good infusion. Nice size to get a tea spoon in so all the tea goes inside. A great tea bag.

Valerie B.
Re-usable teabags

These re-usable and recyclable teabags are such a good idea! Didn't even know such a thing existed before!

Karen T.
Brilliant little tea filter bags - and easily reusable

These are intended as single-use, but leaving to dry between uses I've found it easy to re-use them, so the pack will last even longer - and I can try even more delicious tea varieties.
Delighted with purchase

Kenya S.
Really Well Made

These are an absolute delight to use. Very sturdy (if one could describe a tea filter as such!), with ample room. Tea purists may frown upon this, but I often like to brew my English breakfast tea on the hob for an additional 5 minutes to make it stronger. These teabag filters managed to withstand it. All in all, I'm very pleased.

Lynsey P.
So clever

Bought these for occasional use, for quickness or guests... but they are so good we use them all the time now!!

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