English Breakfast Organic

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An excellent all round organic breakfast blend. Shibui's very own morning problem solver or any time of day for that matter.

Great Taste Award Winner 2017.

Ingredients: Organic Indian black tea.

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Al little disappointed

An ok tea. Not as flavorful as I had hoped.


Makes a lovely cup of tea; very flavourful.

The leaves themselves are a great size (larger but not massive) and do not escape through the mesh of my infused which is something I've struggled with for a while using other teas.

The taste is very refreshing and it is lovely for consumption at any time of day.

I have managed double infusion of the tea leaves, though it is weaker on the second cup, however if allowed to brew for a longer amount of time it is nearly as strong as the first cup (also our teacups are bloody huge so it's still impressive to me!

Using Natureflex as the packing for the 100g is amazing as we can put it straight into the compost and it helps us on our journey to zero waste.

We have decided this will be our new regular supplier of tea, for sure!


The high reviews and lack of plastic packaging persuaded us to buy this tea. Loose tea is significantly better than tea bags but unfortunately this ShuBui blend is missing taste and worse even than a Standard tea bag

Thank you for the order and for the review and I'm sorry to hear that you're disappointed with the tea. This blend was awarded a Great Taste Award. We'd be happy to offer some tips for brewing loose tea over tea bags. For instance - loose leaf needs about 1 tablespoon per serving and you're looking at brewing it for about 3-4 minutes - this is different from a normal traditional tea bag which contains much finer ingredients and therefore brews a lot quicker.
English Breakfast Organic

This is really good tea, not like the usual loose leaf dust on sale. Makes a lovely refreshing tea with a slightly smokey back taste. That and the plastic free packaging will make this my tea of choice from now on.

English breakfast organic

Great all round tea, husband's favourite. Very happy that I can get larger pack in recyclable packaging.

The best online tea

Great quality tea. I love that all the packaging is compostable or recyclable. This means a lot which is why I will try to only buy my tea from Shibui. Also I like that you get a free sample with each order so you can try before you buy. A massive thumbs up from us!!

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