Earl Grey Decaf

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The famous bergamot flavoured classic Earl Grey tea experience but without the caffeine hit.

Ingredients: Ceylon black decaffeinated tea, natural flavouring.

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The only delicious decaf tea

This decaf Earl grey is as delicious as the caffeinated Shibui Earl Grey, I am so pleased! Needed decaf for sleep/digestive issues and dreaded it as I love good tea. Happily I actually can’t tell the difference between the two.

Fragrant and delicious

This tea deserves its 5 star rating by customers. A lovely blend with no caffeine.

Earl Grey decaff.

Best EG decaff I've tasted!

Earl Grey decaf 5 stars

I want decaf as a health choice, I want loose tea to avoid the planet-harming micro plastics in tea bags, and I want proper Earl Grey as a personal taste choice. All roads lead to Shibui. Have purchased numerous times. Great product, great service - even during these difficult days - and clear eco sensitivity in the packaging. Very occasionally a product really does live up to the marketing hype.

Lovely fragrant Earl Grey tea

The decaff Earl Grey is wonderful - fragrant and flavoursome. I should also mention that Shibui offers a first class customer service. John noticed that I had made two orders on the same day (the second was an impulse buy after purchasing what I needed!) and he refunded the postage of the second order without being asked to, and sent me a very nice note to let me know. So expect a personal service - something that's getting rarer these days. Well done sir!

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Another pick me up tea

Just the right balance of Tumeric and ginger to give you a distinctive hit of both. Highly recommended

A really refreshing Tea

A lovely fresh and lively taste that picks me just right when the day is dragging on a bit

My GoTo Bedtime cuppa

The taste is natural and I now make this the last drink of the day to prepare me for bed

Yet another delicious flavour.
I ordered it hoping that it’ll taste like the one sold in Pret. Not entirely sure but think it might be the exact same one but in any case, it’s great. It’s also not temperamental and doesn’t become bitter if you accidentally brew it for a bit longer, something I found with many other green teas.
The service was also quick and faultless. I’d recommend the company to anyone.

Such a delicious combination of flavours. The hint of vanilla is delicate but also very noticeable. I think the balance is just spot on.
Couldn’t fault the company either - the order arrived promptly. I’m very pleased with the service and will be ordering again.