August 13, 2018

Tea bags vs Loose tea

Should you ditch the bag and go loose?  Why choose when you can have both.

A lot of people think that serving loose leaf is a chore.  It's true - they do.  It's easy and convenient to throw a tea bag into a pot and then pour boiling water over it.  That is what most people do.  I get it.

We wanted to make it easier for everyone to enjoy the convenience of a bag and enjoy loose tea.  It's not just that it's easier to make a cuppa using a tea bag - it's also a lot easier to tidy up too.  Just chuck it in the bucket.  Nothing else to clean up.  Done.

These were a couple of the reasons why we came up with our pyramid bag range - simply because it is more convenient to make tea this way - especially if you run a busy cafe.  The bags come already measured with the right amount plus they contain great quality loose tea - none of that dust rubbish.  It's easy.

But not all tea can be put in fancy bags - there is too much great tea out there that it's just not possible.  That's why we came up with another solution - our do-it-yourself tea bags.  They're a great and simple solution - just put in the amount of tea that you want - pull the drawstring and boom!  You have your own tea bag filled with your favourite loose  tea - made by you!  Then you can chuck in the food waste bin afterwards - no filters to clean up.  Job done.

I use them on a daily basis and am working my way through our loose tea supply.  That's right - I do drink a lot of tea that we have in our warehouse.  You didn't think I drank cheap bags from the supermarket when I have all this great tea at my disposal, now did you?

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Brewing Instructions

The table below shows the approximate brewing/infusing times for the different tea types.

It assumes around a 2.5 to 3g serving but it is not an exact science so experiment to find the perfect brew time to suit you.

It is best to use freshly boiled water - so if you've got some water left in your kettle from before - pour it out and start again!

Tea Type Approx Brewing Time (mins) Water Temperature
Black 3-4 minutes 100°C
Green 3-4 minutes 80°C
Oolong 3-4 minutes 100°C
Pu-erh 3-4 minutes 100°C
White 2-3 minutes 70-80°C
Herbal 5+ minutes 100°C
Rooibos 5+ minutes 100°C
Fruit 5+ minutes 100°C
Flowering 3-4 minutes 80°C