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03 July 2016

Matcha is a green tea and literally translates as “powdered tea”. The key difference between matcha and other green teas is that you consume the actual tea leaves. With other green teas the leaves are added to the water, the water in turn absorbs some of its nutrients and flavours, however the leaves are removed rather than being consumed. It is essentially akin to boiling vegetables, throwing them out and then drinking the water. It is a drink that has been consumed for centuries, initially in China and then later in Japan. Throughout these years the Buddhist monks who drank the tea were convinced that it not only aided their ability to meditate, but that it also improved their physical...

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What's in a bag?

28 May 2015

Tea bags vs Loose tea Should you ditch the bag and go loose?  Why choose when you can have both. A lot of people think that serving loose leaf is a chore.  It's true - they do.  It's easy and convenient to throw a tea bag into a pot and then pour boiling water over it.  That is what most people do.  I get it. We wanted to make it easier for everyone to enjoy the convenience of a bag and enjoy loose tea.  It's not just that it's easier to make a cuppa using a tea bag - it's also a lot easier to tidy up too.  Just chuck it in the bucket.  Nothing else to clean up.  Done....

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Thank you!

18 May 2015

Hello and thank you for visiting our new look website. We're so excited about how our new website looks and works.  If you have any comments about it or any improvements that you would like to see then please let us now. Good feedback or bad - it's the only way we'll improve! :o)

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